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Bagasse Trays and Containers Bagasse Trays and Containers

Terrapak is proud to present EcoTerra Bagasse Trays and Containers - please contact the sales team at for a brochure on all the products available.

EcoTerra biodegradable and compostable trays are made from 100% bagasse, which is the sugarcane fiber remaining after extraction of juice from sugarcane. Sugarcane is not only an annually renewable resource, but it can be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper. Using bagasse also avoids the pollution that would normally happen as a result of burning sugarcane pulp after juice extraction.

The biodegradable five compartment school tray is a great replacement for styrofoam school trays, used widely in schools throughout the USA.

Our biodegradable trays are soak proof, have no plastic or wax lining, and can be used for both hot and cold items. Though these compostable trays are soak proof, hot items will cause the trays to "perspire" and some condensation will form at the bottom.

We now also offer "unbleached" bagasse trays. Bleaching is usually unnecessary, creates pollution, and is mostly done using chlorine or chlorine compounds, which release "dioxins" - persistent organic pollutants which do not break down easily and accumulate in the food stream. We are moving towards only carrying "unbleached" bagasse items.

Instead of using petroleum based plastics which create toxicity and environmental pollution, you can now use our compostable alternatives.

Please note that composting is required for biodegradation. These compostable trays will biodegrade within 30 days in a commercial composting facility, and within 90 days in a home composting system.


Bagasse Information

  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Handles hot liquids up to 200 Fahrenheit (moisture forms at the bottom for hot food items) 
  • Sterilized and sanitized, conforms to US Food & Drug Administration guidelines
  • Fully compostable, sturdy and strong
  • Unbleached bagasse available for some items
  • Est. Home Composting Time: 2-4 Months
  • Est. Commercial Composting Time: 1-3 Months

Bagasse: Residual Sugarcane Fiber
Bagasse is a biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware that is made from sugarcane fiber leftover after juice extraction. Normally, this residue is burned after pulping, thus creating air pollution. But this sugarcane fiber can be re-used - by being made into disposable products normally made from plastic or virgin paper. The tableware has no plastic or wax lining applied to it and can be used for both hot and cold items. Though, the tableware is soak proof, hot items will cause moisture/precipitation to form at the bottom of the tableware. Still, a far superior alternative to both plastic (non-biodegradable, petroleum derived, pollution causing) and paper (causing the destruction of millions of acres of forests) tableware.

Estimated Composting Times

The rate of biodegration for different biocompostables is dependent upon the composition and thickness of the material as well as composting conditions. Commercial composting facilities grind the materials, turn over the piles and reach high temperatures, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to compost and, is thus, the recommended method for composting these products. Home composting rates are slower and can vary, depending on how frequently the pile is turned over, the moisture and material content and the temperature.


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